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Alongside my research, I collaborate with industry and stakeholders to better understand and counter online harms stemming from armed conflict, terrorist and violent extremist content (TVEC), and disinformation. This work is broadly falls into three categories of mitigating online harms, high-risk data collection in hard-to-access regions, as well as training, safety, and regulatory compliance. 

My approach focusses on the connection between online and offline harms, and focusses on the specific micro-dynamics of each case. While tracking what is happening online is important and can be readily done by many analysts in the US, UK, and EU, on-the-ground data collection or implementation is often needed to systematically validate new tools, theories, and solutions. Drawing on my background living, traveling, and conducting fieldwork in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia and my current research on online harms, I help bridge the gap between the online and offline and provide fine-grained data and solutions to challenging public policy problems. With a background in government and public policy, I enjoy translating academic insights into actionable recommendations and real-world solutions. If you or your firm is seeking support in addressing one of these challenges and is seeking a tailored solutions, please contact me or schedule an intro call with Calendly

Issues & Challenges

Difficultly in identifying and removing online harms accurately and at scale? Need to collect fine-grained data on emerging social issue or challenge? Seeking local expertise in hard-to-access regions for project implementation? Trying to incorporate safety-by-design into new platforms and models? Unsure of new regulation (DSA, OSA, GDPR) and how to begin navigating compliance? Please reach out or schedule a brief intro call via Calendly

Countering Online Harms

Terrorist and Violence Extremist Content (TVEC)


Content Moderation

Red/Blue Teaming for Frontier Models

Survey Experiment Design

Subnational Data Collection (Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia)


Countering Online Harms

Social Media Platforms

AI / GenAI Companies



  • Countering Online Harms

  • Algorithmic Detection Systems

  • HSD Management/Classification

  • Malicious Actor Evasion Methods

  • Adversarial Testing

  • Non-Adversarial Testing

  • AI Bias & Ungrounded Inferences

  • Red / Blue Teaming for Frontier Models 

  • Emerging Threats Research & Reports

  • AI Safety Design (LLMs and Image Diffusion Models)

  • Identification and removal of Terrorist and Violent Extremist Content (TVEC), Disinformation, Medical Misinformation, Foreign State Influence Campaigns

Data Collection & Fieldwork

Think Tanks



  • Survey design and local implementation

  • Research application approval, clearance, and grant-writing review

  • Identifying and connecting local expertise across the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia 

  • Remote hiring, training, management of on-the-ground research assistants in difficult-to-access regions

  • International payments and transnational payroll management for local personnel & research assistants

  • Connecting firms with translators for Arabic, French, Farsi, Kurdish, and Pashto content 

  • Connecting firms with qualitative and quantitative researchers for contract projects

Training, Safety, and Regulatory

Social Media Platforms

International Organizations

  • Briefing Trust & Safety teams on Emerging Threats & Adversarial Shifts 

  • Safety workshops for front-line Trust & Safety Employees (no cost)

  • Navigating compliance for new regulation, including OSA (UK), DSA (EU), GDPR

  • Compiling and submitting feedback on regulatory consultations to have your voice heard

Security Clearances

Secret Security Clearance

Government of Canada


ISED Security Clearance

Innovation Science, and Economic Development

Government of Canada


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